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In order to function reliably when used outdoors or in mobile applications, electronic systems require protective or passivating materials to prevent corrosion of components and conductor paths. Casting compounds can often no longer be used due to increasing miniaturization. With their glass-like properties and ability to form a chemical bond with the underlying metal surface, inorganic-organic hybrid polymers provide excellent protection against condensation and other environmental conditions. Only a thin layer is needed, thus reducing space requirements. These materials can be applied using the same conventional methods employed for protective varnish. On request, Fraunhofer ISC carries out various ageing tests such as climate and temperature cycling. Moreover, Fraunhofer ISC possesses a library of component designs in which intermediate dielectric films are used as a substitute for photostructurable polyimides or cyclobutanes. The advantage of dielectrics is that their properties can be selected according to the desired optical, ageing or thermomechanical behavior.


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