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Small particles are essential building-blocks for many advanced materials that are relevant in almost all fields of today’s technologies. Small particles may be tailored to comprise multifunctional properties such as magnetism, electrical and thermal conductivity, luminescence, catalytic activity, flame retardancy etc. at one spot. When added to advanced materials, small particles may drastically enhance properties and ultimately, better and new products can be obtained.

The Particle Technology Group at the Fraunhofer ISC focuses on the customized synthesis and modification of small particles by wet-chemical approaches. Moreover, we offer upscaling of particle systems, processing and composite formulation.
(In-situ) analysis with high-end equipment and profound materials know-how complete our portfolio. Special focus of our research is on magnetic and silica particles, titanium, zirconium, zinc and perovskite oxides as well as on hollow and layered particles.

Our Mission: For our customers we are a reliable supporter and consultant with down-to earth practical and economically feasible material solutions, for future challenges at the cutting edge of particle research.

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Particle Technology

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Fraunhofer ISC is going to become an open-access center for pilot-plant manufacturing of tailored nanoparticles for composites.The center activities are funded by the EU.
Find out more about the project CO-PILOT.