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Custom made Particle Solutions
Custom made Particle Solutions

You are looking for an expert that is able to tailor nanoparticles in dispersion according to your needs?

Commercially available nanoparticles are useless for your as they are always aggregated and cannot be dispersed? You want to improve your materials by adding particles to create novel composites?

We offer custom manufacturing of small particles matching your materials to serve your needs. We offer materials development: from profound literature research, feasability studies and pre-tests to complete prototype manufacturing. Contact us. We develop solutions: Email 

Processing and Upscaling of Particle Syntheses
Processing and Upscaling of Particle Syntheses

You need particles at a kg scale?

You want to try your lab-synthesis on a larger scale to obtain a first prototype?

Find out what equipment we can offer to synthesize and process particles on a larger scale. more


Particle Analysis
Particle Analysis

Micro- and nanoparticles increasingly represent the basis of products used in daily life. Consequently, particle characterization plays an important role which requires special methods for analyzing the structure and chemical composition of these materials. In the field of particle characterization, Fraunhofer ISC possesses a comprehensive range of highly specialized methods, processes and devices. more

Nanotechnology Consulting
Nanotechnology Consulting

Your company needs assistance with questions concerning nanotechnology?
You wonder wether your products would benefit from „adding nano“ to it?
You want to learn more about nanotechnology or you have concerns about toxicity issues?

Just contact us: Email


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Fraunhofer ISC is going to become an open-access center for pilot-plant manufacturing of tailored nanoparticles for composites.The center activities are funded by the EU.
Find out more about the project CO-PILOT.