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Glass,  Analytics,  CeDeD , Coatings, Sensors a clear future for glass screening, temperature measurement, special glass, analysis, porous glass flakes, functional coating, safety sensors, molecular sorting, glass-ceramics, restoration Dr. Martin Kilo
Materials Chemistry Functional Coatings coating material, finctional coating, Sol-Gel, quality control, upscaling, roll-to-roll, ORMOCER® Dr. Thomas Hofmann
Barrier layers/Materials Chemistry bioORMOCER® for biodegradable functional coatings bioORMOCER®e, bio-degradable, antimicrobial, packaging Dr. Sabine Amberg-Schwab
HLT, CeDeD TOM-AC measuring device, sintering, atmosphere, heat treatment, vacuum Dr. Friedrich Raether; Dr.Andreas Diegeler
CeDeD SCM®- SpeedCalmobile Quality control, calibration, pipettes Dr. Andreas Diegeler
Materials Chemistry InnoSolTex - 6 functions in one coating system for textiles abrasion resistant, flame retardant, antimicrobial, antistatic, hydrophobic, washproof Marie-Luise Dörffel
CeSMa Silikone Silicones, Silicobe manufacture Johanna Fischer
ZAA Center for Applied Analytics ZAA analytics, damage analysis, characterization, mechanical materials testing, glass, surface Dr. Jürgen Meinhardt
Theranostics Theranostic Particles Particles, surface modification, nanoparticle, characterization Dr. Sofia Dembski
Attract Attract 3DNanocell Biomedicine, implant technology, tissue replacement, cell behavior, Tissue Engineering Dr. Doris Heinrich
IZKK Glass dosimeters - early warning system for environmental impact glass, environmental impact, museum, conservation, restoration Gabriele Maas-Diegeler
ZfAE Life is too short for the wrong battery... Battery, Center of Applied Electrochemistry Dr. Henning Lorrmann
ZfAE EELICON - smart light transmittance control Verschattung, Elektrochromie Dr. Uwe Posset