Annual Report 2010/11The Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC


Annual Report 2010/11

General Section

Title Contact Page
Contacts   6-7
Innovative materials for future products   8-9
ISC International Dr. Michael Popall 10-13
The Advisory Board   14
Core competencies and materials base   15-25
Competence Units and Centers   26-33
Review of 2010   34-41
Sustainability Dr. Rolf Ostertag, Dr. Johanna Leißner 36-41
Fokus on Health Dr. Jörn Probst 42-45
Novel, non-destructive encapsulation technique Thomas Ballweg 46-49
Developing materials to promote affordable dentistry Dr. Herbert Wolter 50-53
Ormobead - a new generation of particle systems Dr. Sofia Dembski, Dr. Carsten Gellermann 54-57
Three-dimensional scaffold materials Dr. Ruth Houbertz 58-61
Materials for the healthy home Dr. Katrin Bokelmann, Walther Glaubitt 62-65
Hazardous materials analysis in the light of current EU-requirements Rudi Flegler 66-69
Substitution of substances of very high concern in glass manufactoring PD Dr. Martin Kilo 70-71
Focus on the project group Ceramic Composites   72-73
Project group completes its fifth year Prof. Dr.-Ing. Walter Krenkel 74-77
A new method of quantitatively determining the fiber orientation in fiber-reinforced materials for FE modeling Jan-Marcel Hausherr 78-81
Development of fiber-reinforced ceramic matrix composites and components for a new generation of engines Dr. Jens Schmidt 82-85
Cost-efficient manufactoring of carbon fiber-reinforced SIC ceramics Dr. Nico Langhof 86-87
HT-CMC 7 attracts record number of participants to Bayreuth Angelika Schwarz 88-89
Business Units   90-91
Life Sciences - see section Focus on Health    
Surfaces and Coatings Dr. Gerhard Schottner 92-97
Energy Technology Dr. Kai-Christian Möller 98-101
Glass and Ceramics PD Dr. Friedrich Raether 102-107
Construction and Environment Dr. Karl-Heinz Haas 108-111
Center Smart Materials Dieter Sporn 112-115
Further Information on presented projects   116-119
The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft   120
Appendix   2
Scientific presentations and publications   3-18
Project overview   19-24
Patents   25-26
Scientific cooperations   27-32
Teaching activities   33-36
Guest speakers at the Fraunhofer ISC   37-38
Conferences and events held at the Fraunhofer ISC   39
Fairs and exhibitions   40
Fairs and exhibitions planned for 2011   41
Alliances and networks   42-44
Activities in associations and committees   45-46