Annual Report 2012/13The Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC


Annual Report 2012/2013 - Index

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Preface   2
Contacts 4
Business Units  
Environment 44
Health 50
Energy 60
Feature topic »Energy«
Bussiness Unit Energy  
Powering the shift toward greener energy 62-65
Center for Applied Electrochemistry ZfAE 64-67
Concept studies for novel Lithium-ion cells 68
Ageing and post-mortem analysis 72
Electrodes for hybrid energy storage devices 74
Energy harvesting – a concept for harnessing renewable energy 76
Increased resource efficiency through optimized processes in power plant technology 78
Innovative shading appliances 80
The Fraunhofer Center HTL
The  Fraunhofer-Zentrum HTL 85
Creep-resistant metal-ceramic hybrid pipes for superheated steam applications in power stations 90
Low cost technologies for producing ceramic matrix composites 92
Energy efficiency in the heat treatment of ceramics 94
Developing a european SiC fiber production process 98
Project information 100
The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft 104
Editorial notes 106