Annual Report 2014/15The Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC


Annual Report 2014/15 - Contents

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Preface 4
Contents 6
The Institute  
Organization 8
Advisory Board 12
Material Solutions 14
Key Figures 16
Project Reports  
Guest Editorial VOCO GmbH: Admira Fusion – Dental ORMOCER®s 4.0  20
SkinHeal – Effective in Wound Healing 24
Wounds Working for Research 26
Fraunhofer-Attract 3DNanoCell 28
Utilizing Bio-Waste as Raw Material 30
Biologically Degradable Barrier Films 32
Flashed! Touchscreens for Flexible Displays 34
Lead-free Specialty Glass for Printing 36
Gesture Control of Vehicle Seats 38
Pedelec – Optimization of Batteries 40
Climate for Culture 42
Separation of Materials in Melted Glass 44
Critical Metals Cobalt and Molybdenum 46
New Permanent Magnets for Clean Energy Technologies 48
Ceramic Prepreg Production 50
Generative Production – Ceramics, Metall 52
Preparation Procedures – Cryo-CSP 54
General Information  
Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft 56
Editorial Notes 58

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