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Principal task of CeDeD is to develop scientific research systems for use in both the characterization of new materials and the quality control in production processes. CeDeD offers the full scope of expertise required for scientific development, this includes planning, design and construction of research systems. This offer covers the entire line of development from the institute´s own research systems starting from the design and concept stages based on 3D structure right through computer-operated construction components in the fine mechanical workhop. CeDeD is a central point of contact for internal and external research groups and also acts as a direct partner to industry in the field of technical implementation of research results. In close cooperation with the competence teams at Fraunhofer ISC, CeDeD develops prototypes, demonstrators and pilot plants for the manufacture and processing of newly developed materials and research instruments used for process control at the end of the value added chain.

Partners for Industry and Research
Particular emphasis is placed on the development of thermo-optical measurement systems (TOMs) designed for in-situ characterization of materials during heat treatment. Measurements can be made under temperature conditions ranging from room temperature to more than 2000 °C. Demand for the center´s services is currently particularly strong in the specialty glass high-tech ceramics industries, as well as in the ongoing development of refractories. The newly developed processes are expanded into industrial scale systems using vacuum engineering, laser technology and robotics. However, thermo-optical measurement methods are an excellent choice for all groups of materials that undergo heat treatment, such as materials used in powder metallurgy and injection molding processes. CeDeD, certified under ISO 9001:2008, guarantees full reproduction of the process chain and is annually audited for its quality management system. The Center is a reliable partner for organizations seeking to develop new technologies.




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